Outstanding durability

Entry doors are the business card of the house and provide the entry space, charm and aesthetics. Through Performance Metal Glass door with the new Gealan S 9000 system for entry doors, we offer a suitable option for all preferences. Due to the large color variety of foil coatings, you have the possibility to match the new entry door with the overall appearance of the façade.

With Performance doors made with Gealan S 9000 profiles you will get a modern and advanced system, which is equally suitable for new buildings and for those in renovation. In this way Performance S9000 is moving into a new platform for the construction of windows, entry doors and tilt and slide doors in GEALAN’s products program.



  • made with Gealan S9000 IQ PVC profiles, construction depth 83mm
  • very good static thanks to the large room designed for reinforcement, steel reinforcements
  • stiffening through weldable corners
  • exterior wall thickness of PVC profiles ≥ 2.8mm;
  • excellent thermal insulation to the modern geometry with 5 chambers
  • suitable for taking over three sheets of glass with thicknesses of up to 52 mm (with STV® up to 54 mm)
  • Maco lock adapted to requirements (multipoint locking with anti-theft bolts or hooks)
  • Hoppe Tokyo handle, Simonswerk hinges 120 Kg
  • design of flexible colors with numerous decor foils or aluminum plating
  • drip edge for optimal protection against torrential rain
  • accessible threshold system, with excellent thermal insulation through thermal separation
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