A class in itself

The benefits of the LINEAR WINDOW

Thermal insulation

Peak values ​​in the 74 mm segment with Uf value up to 1.0 W / (m²K).


Optimized profile system and innovative details with high compatibility of profiles and accessories.


Innovative system, designed for market requirements.


Clean and simple design language oriented towards modern architectural trends.

Simple design

The system is based on an elegant and consistent design that sets the tone in architecture. A range of matching moldings continue the consistent design of the exterior and interior of the windows. Slim widths provide more light in buildings.

Linear Window
Linear Window

Exploiting the full potential

Whether new construction or renovation, GEALAN-LINEAR® impresses with its wide versatility. It is a complete system that includes windows, front doors and sliding doors. It can be expanded with the STV® innovation.

Elegant and timeless

The clear and angular design of GEALAN-LINEAR® has a timeless effect and is in line with the modern architectural language. Especially in new buildings, angular shapes and clear lines determine the trend towards open facades.


Linear Window

Ideal for many types of construction

The slim construction depth of 74 mm is suitable for a variety of construction projects as well as in the renovation sector.

Linear Window

Color palettes for the LINEAR WINDOW

Standard sheets


RealWood sheets


These foils are not made of natural wood.

Extra-Standard Sheets


On the “Download” page, you can find catalogs and brochures on our products and services.

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