Simplification of design


The GEALAN-KUBUS® system defines a new architectural language for plastic windows. An additional light and transparency through large glass surfaces offers new design perspectives. As for the interior, the new system convinces through a unitary appearance, without disturbing joints, while on the outside, the perpendicularly resplendent edge accentuates the impression of general harmony.

Fereastra Kubus
Fereastra Kubus

Rectangular and almost invisible


The size of the system is 100 mm, both for the frame-sash combination and for the mobile pendant. Thus, the mobile pillar and the side sections of the frame have the same visible width, giving the viewer an aesthetic effect of symmetry.

100 mm – the measure of all things


“You will know that you have achieved perfection not when you have nothing to add but when you can not miss anything.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


  • Without glass slat;
  • Depth of construction and visible width of 100 mm both for the frame-sash package and in the mobile pendant variant;
  • Uniform interior appearance;
  • Clear contours.



Fereastra Kubus

The KISS Principle: Keep it small and simple

1. Rectangular appearance around both inside and outside.
2. The invisible outer stud.

3. Design of the sash without joining elements and unitary appearance due to the 4. optional clip profile.

5. Unique surface quality through exclusive acrylcolor technology on the outside.
6. Innovative STV® welding technology allows a slim design of the sash and guarantees maximum stability.

7. Extraordinary thermal insulation due to the foam-filled rooms of the profiles.


Fereastra Kubus

Full window design

Variants of window sills

Geometry that allows the frame to be easily cleansed

The GEALAN-KUBUS® system also impresses from a practical point of view – especially with regard to the ease with which it can be cleaned. Thus, at the profiling geometry, particular attention was paid to the fluid contours of the blind frame, a gasket from the frame stop was dropped and a protruding medial gasket in the frame was integrated.

It’s better than that! The design-oriented GEALAN-KUBUS® window system provides architects with maximum design opportunities and new perspectives. Whether it’s 100% visible, semi-hidden or almost invisible frames – results in proportions that leave a strong impression.

Acrylcolor color palette

Types of opening

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