Access doors equipped with MACO Z-TS and MACO G-TS locks or balcony doors equipped with MACO B-TV locks. Through various types of locks, MACO offers flexible possibilities of use, as well as convenient and simple operation. Regarding the safety, you receive from MACO solutions that make every door more secure.

The lock suitable for every area of use!

Z-TS – Cylinder operated lock

Broasca actionata din cilindru

Comfortable latching and unlocking, using the key. All locking elements are operated by the closing cylinder.

G-TS – Handle operated lock

G-TS - Broasca actionata din maner

All latching elements are operated by “the handle” and are locked with the key against unauthorized opening.

B-TV – Balcony doors lock

B-TV - Broasca pentru usi de balcon

The special balcony doors lock, terrace or secondary access doors can be operated by the internal or external handle and can be locked by the closing cylinder.


With MACO lock the door is locked in several points and is optimally ensured.
You can get a 7 point locking by using MACO corner locks with locking rod.

i.S. rollers

Role ISIt’s an economic solution for doors with anti burglary system. Ensures perfect protection due to the i.S. locking parts of great value.

Bolt lock

Inchidere-cu-boltSteel bolts provide high safety.
Security striker plates with integrated steel plate can be gradually adjusted.

Hook lock

Striker plates with integrated steel plate and with gradually adjustable tightening force.

i.S. = intelligent security – from the inventor

The most advanced way of making secure doors! MACO i.S. – safety rollers reduce the costs and bring satisfaction due to the comfortable operation and secure lock!
  • No adjustment required. Self adjustment to their air gap (± 2mm).
  • Can be used with either standard or security striker plates.
  • Smooth operation through the use of high quality materials and sliding layer
  • Fulfils the requirements according to EN-V 1627-30 and DIN 18251, chapter 3.


MACO - Limba - in serie
MACO – Latch – in series

• Gentle and smooth engagement of the latch ensuring an easy latching operation.
• The plastic retracting arm does not damage the latch plate.
• Fully reversible for left and right handed doors.

MACO Limba rola
MACO – Roller-latch – can be easily installed later

• Simply replace the retracting latch with the roller latch.
• Fast assembly.


• It is possible to use the electric door openings.
• Easy adjustment of the pressing force.
• High stability due to optimal position of the fixation with screws.












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