Nothing is made to last for an eternity, but in the field of PVC joinery durability is a very important factor. We are specialized in the production of windows and doors and we know how important it is that they offer premium quality in order to be used in the best conditions for a long time.

In fact, no one wants to make an investment, the labor of long labor and the sacrifices to save, and it does not meet the expectations. The role that windows perform in a home is important, because it depends to a great extent on the degree of comfort that the owners will have. There are certainly fewer people who have not installed windows with double-glazed windows at home today, but if you count among those who have problems in their operation, you need to take action in this regard.

We want all our customers to have the best performance, which is why we place a special emphasis on quality. This should be normal when it comes to this category of services. So, we invite you to go through the following rows to find out what steps you need to take when the window does not seal properly.

What do you do when window sealing is not done correctly and favors the penetration of airflows?

Nobody likes to live in a house where things are not up and running. When the window is defective and this aspect has the effect of thermal comfort, you should not have a lot of thoughts. Sometimes it is about the gasket, which is either squeezed on certain portions, or loses its ability to seal properly.

Many are the ones who think a thicker gasket will solve the problem. But it must be known that this is not a solution, or at least not a lasting one. In fact, this measure is not recommended because it only forces the window fittings, and this does not mean that the sealing will be optimal in this way.

Some users do not realize that the window is faulty until the cold season is installed. This is the time when strong currents are created, which are really felt, being disturbing. Those who want to benefit from the maximum of comfort will always seek the help of a professional repair firm, with experts in the field, able to remedy any irregularity installed on the windows.

But it’s best to look for a reliable partner from the very beginning. There is no point in paying a lower amount to house your home with thermo-heaters if in time there will be major expenses due to the frequent repairs you will have to bear.

However, you need to know that regardless of whether you choose the best thermopane company after a 5-year period, replacement of the gasket is necessary because, on average, it is the lifetime of the gasket, especially in the case of which opening and closing of the window is frequently done.

If you have PVC windows, then we recommend replacing the gasket with a similar one in order to preserve the thermal and acoustic insulation properties, respectively the proper functioning of the fittings assembly.

When these operations are not carried out carefully, you also risk forcing the closure. Soon you will notice that the window is faulty and a specialist’s intervention is required to remedy the problem.

It depends on whether the degree of thermal comfort in the home is optimal, as well as the choices made. But we recommend careful selection of windows to enjoy long lasting effects. Put emphasis on quality before other criteria. It is better to make a bigger financial effort than to have reservations from this point of view, and then spend it permanently with the repairs.

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